Readings Rota

Rota for April to June 2019 (Amended)
Date Themes  First  Reading Reader Second  Reading Reader Gospel
7th April Lent 5 Isaiah 53 v1-9 David Munns Romans 3 v21-26 Laura Pitman John 4 v12-44
14th April Palm Sunday Isaiah 50 v4-9a
page 838
Frank Wood Philippians 2 v5-11
page 839
Monica Moore Luke 23 v1-49
18th April Maundy Thursday Exodus 12 v1-14,
page 857
Richard Dorey 1 Corinthians 11
v23-26   page 858
Jo Gosselin John 13 v1-17, 31b-35
19th April Good Friday no readings at the morning service / no readers required 
21st April Easter Day Isaiah 65 v17-25
page 893
Frank Wood Acts 10 v34-43
page 895
Anne Watson John 20 v1-18
28th April Second Sunday
of Easter
Acts 5 v27-32
page 898
Tony Staples Read the gospel reading Sue Bagley John 20 v19-31
page 900
5th May Third Sunday
of Easter
Acts 9 v1-20
page 902
David Johnson Read the gospel reading Jackie Turner John 21 v1-14
page 904
12th May Fourth Sunday
of Easter
Acts 9 v36-42
page 905
Russell Turner Read the gospel reading Joan Godel John 21 v15-25
page 907
19th May Fifth Sunday
of Easter
Acts 11 v1-18
page 908
Tom Innes Read the gospel reading Aline Staples John 14 v15-27
page 910
26th May Sixth Sunday
of Easter
Acts 16 v9-15
page 911
Tony Staples Read the gospel reading Liz O'Connor John 16 v5-16
30th May Ascension Day (Thurs) Acts 1 v1-11
page 914
Richard Dorey Read the gospel reading Gillian Arthur Luke 24 v44-53
page 918
If for any reason you are unable to do your reading or prayers, please arrange for someone else to take your place.
If you do change, please amend the copy on the Church Notice Board.  Thank you.

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