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Church & Community Meeting July 2016



Thurs 14th July 2016   8pm Barn Loft


  1. Welcome and Opening prayer 

 Brian read out the collect for John Keble as an opening prayer


  1. Apologies

Received from Liz Wood, Vivienne Dorey and Joan and Edwin Godel.

Fourteen members were in attendance.


  1. Minutes of last meeting

Were passed as correct


  1. Matters Arising

a) First Sunday of the month arrangements (review)

We shall continue with Family Communion on the 1st Sunday of the month unless there is a baptism arranged for during the service (as in August). The children’s activities arranged by Barbara are appreciated.

b) Gift Day preparations.

This has been arranged by Heather for Wed Aug 17th at 10.30am in The Barn Loft. There will be 800 envelopes to prepare. Brian will prepare the Gift Day letter.

c) Barbeque   Sunday 4th Sept

The BBQ file was given to Frank for guidance. He has arranged a BBQ sub-committee to meet next Monday 18th July at 10.30am in the Barn Loft to discuss details. (To include Frank, Gillian, Heather, Barbara, John, Monica and David)


  1. Review of past events


a) Choral Evensong                             Sunday July 3rd 

This was led by Contabile Singers and was very well received. Brian read out a letter received from Fred Benest who is the chairman of Contabile. Much appreciated hospitality of St. Mary’s and supper afterwards. The collection taken will be divided between Contabile and the church. ( Cheque to be sent to Contabile for £72) John


  1. Upcoming events


a)Toddler Party                Thursday July 21st  2.30pm in the Rectory front garden.

Alice has asked for volunteers to help put up gazeboes etc. John and Frank will help alongside Guy. A bouncy castle has been hired at a charge of £70, which Alice has requested as a cheque from John. Alice has a list of those willing to provide food. Treasure Seeker children have been invited.


b) Confirmations                           Thursday July 21st 7.30pm at St. Brelades Church

Three candidates for Confirmation: Nicky Atkey- Smith, Zena Gavey and Jude Gossellin. All have had instruction from Brian.

c) St. Mary’s Patronal Festival             Sunday August 14th

Brian will arrange a service.


d) Harvest Festival                                 Sunday 2nd October

Flowers and foodstuffs will be arranged as usual on Saturday 1st October. Barbara will contact the flower arrangers as she herself is away until the Saturday night.

There will be a Baptism during the service, so we will not have a communion.

    e) Concert “Seraphim”             Saturday 29th October

Details to be confirmed by Brian. It will be a ticketed event to help raise funds. It was suggested that we advertise it to Contabile and other choirs who might be interested.

Sue Bagley may be able to advise us on this.


  1. Any other business


a) Church Readings

     It has been suggested by a member of the congregation that we cut down the

     readings from three to two. Jackie welcomed this as she said two long readings 

     follow on from one another and it is hard to follow and absorb the meanings. Richard

 reminded us that the readings can be followed in the Lectionary Book, with page numbers given on the newsletter. There is a relevance from OT to NT readings. We don’t always have the psalm suggested. Years A, B, &C are covered on rotation.

After much discussion it was decided we keep to the three readings as before.

We need to purchase some more Lectionary books as there need to be two on every pew. Brian will do this.


b) Sermons

It was suggested Brian could make the sermons shorter and more “punchy”. Juliette likes to hear the recordings of sermons on the web-site but cannot always hear them well. (Check the recording system). Brian will try an I-pad recording in the pulpit to see if that is better. Brian will try to put a printed copy of the sermon on the web- site, as this is appreciated.


c) Hymn Books

The purchase of new hymnbooks was mentioned at the AGM. Brian said we would need 100 word copies, 6 large print, 4 harmony and 3 music copies.  This is estimated at £1,200 We could possibly get a grant from JCSS. The book suggested was New Anglican Hymns which combines our green and brown books with extras, such as suggestions for lectionary use. Frank suggested this would not be popular at the moment as we do not have the necessary funds available. May be able to use funds from Seraphim concert?


d) Treasure Seekers

Barbara said she has been trying to interest other children to join the group in September (15th start) She has been into St. Mary’s school and has put an advertisement in the parent mail at school. She has had the offer of a new helper, Barbara de la Haye who is willing to start in September.


e) Easy Fundraising

Brian reminded us of Easy fundraising which is being used by a handful of people in the congregation. A donation to the church will be given by companies when you purchase anything on the net. This doesn’t cost you anything and the church, as a named charity will benefit. (£30 raised so far)


8)      Date of next meeting  Wed 7th Sept 8pm in the Barn Loft





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