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Church & Community Meeting May 2016




Welcome and opening Prayer led by Brian. (13 members present).

Apologies: Edwin and Joan Godel, David Munns and Sharon Knight.

Minutes: These had been circulated and were approved.

Matters Arising:

The trial "first Sunday of the month Family Communions" was ongoing and to this end Brian said he wanted to include children as far as he was able and would like to give the bread to children at Communion with the proviso that it was with the parents' approval. The meeting was generally against this idea as this would detract from Confirmation and the rite of passage this afforded. Although this was practiced in the Roman Catholic Church it was after much tuition so that a child had a basic understanding of  the significance of the "bread" and was part of their first communion ceremony. It was felt that as there had been no demand for this and was obviously controversial that the idea be deferred. It was noted that Brian's one to one talk to children at the communion rail was very special to them. Brian said he would reflect further on this matter.

Past Events Reviewed:

Antiques Evening:       Good apart from the problems with the projector.

Mothering Sunday:      The flowers from Millie and Elizabeth Dorey were much appreciated.

Palm Sunday:               Barbara's activities with the children was very popular.

Holy Week:                 The whole week was successful but Wednesday's Stations of the Cross was considered very special. The Choir’s input was noted.

AGM:                          It was noted that a shorter service would improve the timeline.

Upcoming Events:

Choral Evening: Monica updated the meeting on this. The service was at 6 pm with supper after. The choir was happy to contribute food . lt was decided to serve Pimms with supper which St Mary's would co-ordinate. A few tables would be set up on the side of the church but would not hinder the choir procession. Carl would be invited to lead the procession.

Choral Evensong: Jonathon had offered to lead evensong with his choir Polyphonie suggesting 19th June but this would be too close to the Choral evening. Brian would revert to Jonathon and suggest a later date probably in September'

Concert: Brian read a letter from Vetta Wise, the director of Seraphim who were hoping to do a concert in Jersey and were considering St Mary's Church. They are an all female vocal ensemble specialising in "capellas" using the acoustics which Churches afford. It was agreed to accept their offer on a 50:50 basis of proceeds from ticket sales. The concert would last about an hour and a date in October would seem suitable. Brian would reply to the letter. lt was agreed that the wider use of the Church was a good thing.

Any Other Business:

Monica offered 5 tickets to Iolanthe if anyone was interested @£9 each.

After discussion it was agreed to link the BBQ to the Gift Day on Sunday 4th September.

Frank felt this was a good bridge between Church and Parish and details would be included in the Gift Day letter and in the Communique. Frank would co-ordinate this event.

Frank updated the meeting on the ongoing maintenance to the Church. The doors to the Church would be repainted and it was decided to remain the same colour as now.

Elisabeth asked if a projector could be available for the next speaker at the Ladies Circle. Brian would see if the school had one.

Brian would be away for a week from 17/18th May. The Thursday service would probably be cancelled. Rev'd Dryden would officiated on Sunday 22nd May.

There being no other business, the meeting was closed.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 14th July at 8.00 pm


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